New Teaser Trailer in Production

Hi Screamers!

Here’s this week’s update for all of us.

We’re shooting a new teaser! Our previous video associated with the project showed a ‘day after’ news report about the murders in the park. This will be a more traditional teaser, using the camera we plan on shooting the film with. It will be a good look for everyone out there to see the style we have in mind for the project. We’re shooting this weekend, and hope to have something up soon!

We’ve also sorted through all of our head shot submissions (over 300!) and have begun doing video taped auditions for those we’ve selected. We hope to have photos and character descriptions up and available as we cast.

Pittsburgh local and 80s horror icon Tom Savini has expressed interest in our project. He’s reading the script and we’ve made him an offer. We’d really love to bring him on board at least in some capacity, hopefully a nice juicy cameo role!

We also wanted to send out a sneak peak of one of our killer’s masks, which is still in the early concept phase. Our amazing wardrobe director Liz Rishel built this from scratch!

Mask sneak peak:

Scream Park Killer Mask Demo

Scream Park Killer Mask Demo