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Archive for December 2011


Scream Park Cast Kailey Marie Harris

Kailey Marie Harris is the latest to join the cast of Scream Park.  She'll be taking on the role of Carlee, one of several employees trapped in the park after hours.

Kailey is an East Coast model and this her first foray into film.


Production on Scream Park Has Officially Started

On November 17th, the camera rolled for Scream Park for the first time.  We filmed a scene with Doug Bradley (Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II) as the park owner and Steve Rudzinski (Slasher Hunter) and the final result was a great success.  First day is in the can!  We're moving forward with some makeup F/X tests and close up shots, as well as rounding out the cast and completing behind-the-scenes work.

Filming will continue into the spring, and we're all looking forward to being on-set.