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We Reached Our Post-Production Kickstarter Campaign Goal!


Fans and friends of Scream Park, we're excited to announce that as of yesterday, we've met and surpassed our post-production Kickstarter campaign goal of $5000! Contributions are still rolling in and we're currently at $6766 with 13 days left in the campaign.

We'd like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed, in particular the friends and families of the filmmakers, cast and crew whose contributions helped us surpass our goal yesterday.

The campaign funds will allow us to fully explore some post-production options and provide a level of artistry to the film that will put the whole movie right over the top!

Campaign funds will go towards:

1. Promised rewards for Kickstarter contributions

2. Full orchestral score, music production and soundtrack

3. Audio engineering, mixing, sound F/X and ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) studio sessions

4. Paying the cast

5. Marketing and promotion -- generating theatrical one-sheet posters and other promotional materials

5. Any debts incurred while shooting on location at the park

We've a great musical composer putting together a full orchestral score and we need to make sure we've got the best sound effects for each and every screen death.   We want to make sure Scream Park looks and sounds the best it possibly can.  We can also feed everybody!  Fed crew members are happy crew members. And now, we can provide all of this and more!

We also would like to thank our fans who have contributed space on their own websites to help get the word out about Scream Park and our fundraising efforts.  So, additional thanks go out to:


Thank you once again to all of our contributors, whether you've contributed funds, website real estate or social media promotion. We couldn't have done it without you all!




Director Cary Hill Talks About Scream Park at Monster Popcorn

Read the latest Scream Park interview, featuring Monster Popcorn and Director Cary Hill at Monster Popcorn

Monster Popcorn: Scream Park is an homage to 80s slasher films, are there any specific movies that you would deem influential to your film?

Cary Hill: Chopping Mall comes to mind.  No, our film isn’t about robots, but it captures that same sort of cheesy 80s sentiment.  Right about where the whole slasher thing started to go overboard in the late 1980s.  Titles were usually parodies or plays on words.  The situations in which young teens were getting trapped with some unstoppable killer were getting more and more elaborate.   By then, the typical slasher characters were defined: the jock, the slut, the nerd, etc.  All of these things you’ll find in Scream Park.

MP: With your intention of creating your own 80s-style slasher film, how do you plan on injecting the 80s era into your film?

CH: It will certainly feel like the 80s.  More importantly, the fans of 80s slashers will certainly pick up on the nuances.  I had considered just setting the film in the 80s, but I really wanted to tackle the whole “cell phone issue” you find in horror films.  It felt like a cop out to just say “oh, well I’ll just set it in the 1980s so there aren’t any.”  So it’s set today — and the cell phone issue is dealt with quickly.  We also use props and a lot of visual cues to give that retro feel.  The biggest part is the park itself.  It’s very old and almost in disrepair — but it has so much nostalgic charm!

MP: Being a big horror/sci-fi movie buff yourself, what are some of your favorite genre films?  Are there any directors you would view as being influential to you?

CH: This is a question I get a lot.  I grew up on a steady diet of horror films, classic sci-fi, and The Twilight Zone.  I had recorded Aliens off TV when I was nine and re-watched it until the VCR finally ate the tape.  Thanks to having older brothers, I had a lot of exposure to stuff that a kid normally doesn’t get to see.  John Carpenter was the first director I really latched on to, and I needed to see all of his movies.  I remember seeing They Live on Joe Bob Briggs’ MonsterVision and was just floored.  I couldn’t believe this movie existed.  The Thing was also a game changer for me.

This has become cliche around film circles, but Stanley Kubrick remains the biggest influence on me in terms of filmmaking and film watching.  Even more than just the films he made was how he did it.  He up and left Hollywood, moved overseas out of their oversight, and continued to make his movies his way. The situation is quite enviable.   On top of that, I think his films have influenced entire generations and he remains one of the most copied filmmakers to date.   In mentioning him, of course, brings us around to The Shining…also influential.

Read more at Monster Popcorn!


The Razorblade Dolls Added to Scream Park Soundtrack

Razorblade Dolls

We're excited to announce that The Razorblade Dolls of Dallas, Texas will be contributing their music to the Scream Park soundtrack! Their music lends just the right touch of aggressiveness and horror to the film and we're excited to have them aboard.

Right now, it looks like the featured songs will be 'The Wrists' and 'Fucking Beautiful' (pending). One of their T-shirts will also be featured in the film, worn by a cast member.

In late 2006 The Razorblade Dolls were developed as a social network recording project originally with no intentions of becoming the five year success that it is today, having opened for acts such as Front Line Assembly, The Genitorturers, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, Atari Teenage Riot, Michael Graves, Ghoultown, Combichrist, Bozo Porno Circus, Wednesday 13, and Hanzel Und Gretyl.

The band gained attention locally early on from word of mouth about their live shows which have included mutilation with barbed wire, whips and chains, fire breathers, eating insects, and recreating scenes from horror films.

Read more about the The Razorblade Dolls at their website:

Watch videos here!




Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie Officially Joins Scream Park

Skinny Puppy's Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie has officially joined the cast of Scream Park!  (Yes, we announced his involvement back in 8/11, but he's officially signed on now!)

Ogre, whose films include REPO: The Genetic Opera, 2,001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, and the releasing Devil's Carnival (directed by Saw II's Darren Lynn Bousman), continues his trend of dark, masked roles and is playing the lead slasher in the film.

Ogre is a founding member of the 80s industrial band Skinny Puppy,which has contributed to various Hollywood films in the past.

Ogre's casting brings a second 80s icon to the retro horror film, joining Hellraiser's Doug Bradley.


Support Scream Park

Please support Scream Park with a contribution to our Kickstarter campaign for post-production funding. Perks include swag from Doug Bradley and Ogre of Skinny Puppy. Every contribution is entered in a drawing for a 16GB iPad! Share the link and help us meet our goal!

Kickstarter: Scream Park Kickstarter Campaign