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Archive for June 2012


Scream Park Official Trailer Launched!

Check out the first OFFICIAL trailer for Scream Park, featuring Kevin 'Ogre' Ogilvie (Nivek Ogre, Skinny Puppy) and Doug Bradley (of Hellraiser fame)!

Scream Park: Official Trailer


Project Update: Principle Photography Almost Completed!

Principle Photography Almost Completed

We've completed three weeks of filming on Scream Park, and we're headed back to Conneaut Lake Park this week for an additional few days.  We've wrapped shooting with Ogre and he was fantastic to work with.  He loved the park and we had a great time.  His contributions to the film bring the whole project to the next level.  He was also very happy to sign our merch for our Kickstarter rewards.

We've also begun the great process of logging all of our footage.  The three weeks we've shot has amounted to nearly a terabyte of High Definition video.  We hope to have an official teaser very soon, to show off our efforts and hard work.

From here we edit the rough cut of the film together, then mix the master audio track.  Once this is complete, we have to clean the footage up digitally, adjust color, and a whole slew of post-production hoops.

Lastly, we've been asked to attend the Eerie Horror Film Festival as guests of honor! We're excited for the opportunity and look forward to attending.

We'll keep you posted as our progress continues.  Thanks again and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you who helped us out.

- Cary Hill, Producer