Media: Halloween Night Screening for Local Slasher Film "Scream Park"

Halloween night screening for local slasher film

By Konstantine Fekos Meadville Tribune

"The Blue Streak could get blood-streaked as a murderous plot to boost ticket sales unfolds in Fright Land Amusement Park, or as local residents know it, Conneaut Lake Park.

The difference is, this scene will debut in the world premiere of the locally shot, indie slasher film “Scream Park,” saving the park’s Board of Trustees the trouble of hiring killers to dispatch park employees in a grisly publicity stunt, as occurs in the film.

We assume the park directors wouldn’t resort to hack and slash anyhow, given Board President Jack Moyers’ observation of the crew as “very professional and accommodating.”

Nevertheless, what better time and place to probe such a notoriously interesting concept, asks Juanita Hampton, Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau executive director.

“Anything that brings notoriety to our area is fabulous,” she said. “People like to go where movies are filmed and screenings could reach out to Erie and Pittsburgh. It’s a wonderful venture for the park.”...