Scream Park Adds Bands to Soundtrack

We're pleased to announce to addition of two more bands to the film's soundtrack.  The first is local Pittsburgh metal/thrash band Invader.  Their songs "Plow City USA" and "500.600" are used for diagetic music.  More info can be found about the band here.  Big thank you to Innervenus Music for helping us out with this.  

The other band is the newly-formed New York City group Mount Sharp.  An indie rock band who's song "Cold Hands" opens the film with it's punchy, upbeat melody.  The song plays over establishing shots of the park while still open.  The sound contrasts what eventually (and inevitably) becomes a darker, moodier film.  

These bands join the Razorblade Dolls on the film's soundtrack.  The Razorblade Dolls feature two songs, "Fucking Beautiful" and "The Wrists."