REVIEW: Scared Stiff Reviews

Reviewer:  Scared Stiff Reviews

"..."Scream Park” is promoted as an 80s style horror movie. I saw that and said, “Sure, here we go again”. Just about every slasher-horror filmmaker says they are making a “throwback to the 70s” or “throwback to the 80s” film. I’ve seen dozens of indie films that say they are the one who will finally pull it off. It has become almost a standard pitch with people making horror films, and very few ever pull it off. Much to my surprise, and pleasantly so, the filmmakers of “Scream Park” have come as close to pulling off the elusive “throwback to the 80s” film I have seen yet! Yes, they did it, in my book. Sure, there are a few minor technical problems with the movie, and maybe a couple of novice actors, but this movie is as close to the movies from the eighties as I’ve seen yet..."

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