Scream Park Pittsburgh Encore!

Our premiere went so well and the demand has been high to bring SCREAM PARK back to Pittsburgh for a second showing! On April 14th, we'll be screening the film at The Oaks theater in Oakmont, PA.  It's a great theater that supports local and independent film, as well as mainstream flicks.  Check out more about the theater here.  Tickets are currently on sale and are just $7 online preorder or $8 at the door.   You can preorder them here at Showclix.

We're also recording a special Director's Commentary that can be downloaded and listened to DURING the screening!  Download it on your iPod or iPhone and listen along in the theater (but please be courteous to those around you).  

We have no idea when or if the film will screen in Pittsburgh again, so if you missed it the first time (or just liked it so much), check out SCREAM PARK at The Oaks.