Sequel Returns Us to Scream Park!

We're excited to announce a sequel to SCREAM PARK is now officially in development!  Director Cary Hill is returning to the world of Scream Park and bringing a whole new bag of tricks.  He promises to make it bigger, better, and bloodier than before!
The story picks up two years after the first film.  Fright Land Amusement Park has been bought and in the process of renovation.  The locals, however, are having a hard time letting go of the gruesome events that transpired years before.  To get the park up and running, the company that purchased the park has brought in a renovation team - a group of college kids who took the job for the summer.  As they renovate, clues are unveiled as to what really happened years before.
Hill's company ProtoMedia will be handling development duties, as well as star acquisition.  They're looking to utilize Pittsburgh's production resources as much as possible, and getting the entire city behind the project.  Filming is slated for some time in 2015.
No official word as to cast as of yet.   Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @screamparkmovie and Facebook at www.facebook.com/screamparkmovie for photos and updates!

The first film is available for purchase from iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.