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Author: Scream Park


Maintenance and Updates

As we gear up for Return to Scream Park, our website and social media will be undergoing a few changes, updates, and stuff will be moving around.  Thanks in advance!   In the mean time, check out the synopsis for the new film here, on its brand spanking new IMDB page.

Sequel Returns Us to Scream Park!

We're excited to announce a sequel to SCREAM PARK is now officially in development!  Director Cary Hill is returning to the world of Scream Park and bringing a whole new bag of tricks.  He promises to make it bigger, better, and bloodier than before!
The story picks up two years after the first film.  Fright Land Amusement Park has been bought and in the process of renovation.  The locals, however, are having a hard time letting go of the gruesome events that transpired years before.  To get the park up and running, the company that purchased the park has brought in a renovation team - a group of college kids who took the job for the summer.  As they renovate, clues are unveiled as to what really happened years before.
Hill's company ProtoMedia will be handling development duties, as well as star acquisition.  They're looking to utilize Pittsburgh's production resources as much as possible, and getting the entire city behind the project.  Filming is slated for some time in 2015.
No official word as to cast as of yet.   Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @screamparkmovie and Facebook at for photos and updates!

The first film is available for purchase from iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Scream Park Now Available on iTunes!

Scream Park is now available for rent or purchase via Apple's iTunes store!  View the film on any Apple mobile device, AppleTV, or directly on your computer. We've also now available on Verizon On Demand.  DVD copies can be purchased from Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy stores, as well as directly from our distributor, Wild Eye Releasing.

Scream Park to be Released on April 22, 2014!

We're pleased to announce that Scream Park will be fully available on DVD courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing on April 22!  The film will be available in Walmart, Best Buy, and   The DVD extra features include a director's commentary by Cary Hill, blooper reel, and the original trailer for the film.  

We've also received a number of great write-ups in Dread Central (here), Bloody Disgusting (here), and even the hallowed halls of Fangoria!

You can watch the new HD trailer Below:



Our First Film Festival Award!

Congratulations to our own Wendy Wygant for taking home the award for 'Best Lead Female Actor' in the Wilson College Horror Film Festival.  It was the festivals very first year, and Scream Park got to be part of the inaugural screenings.  



DVD Availability and Distribution

Just a quick update regarding distribution:  DVDs are currently unavailable for sale through or website.  

This past summer we signed an exclusive distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing, who will take Scream Park to the furthest reaches of the world.  Their goal is to have it available in the U.S. in springtime 2014.  We've also gotten a lot of requests and questions about Blu-ray, and unfortunately don't have much info at this time on it.  It really comes down to demand and if markets are looking to carry it.  We should have more news and an official press release early next year with all the details.  

Thanks everyone for your patience with this.  We've seen a huge demand for this film!  


Happy Holidays!



Reflection & Thank You

I do realize I need to post more on here.  It was the main purpose that Rough Ride Creations put together this wonderful site, that and as a one-stop platform for all things Scream Park.  But I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on all the work, time, money, and effort that has gone into making it a reality. 

In May 2011, I was determined to make my first feature film and in a matter of days had the first draft of the film completed.  It all just seemed to come together like they always claim in screenwriting books it does.  By August, we were scouting, casting, and putting all the pieces together.  Two years later, the film is done, getting great reviews, a distribution deal, festival spots, and a growing presence on Twitter, Facebook, and the internet.  I look back at the scope of it all and where the film is today and all I can say is: "It worked!"  Scream Park was a proof-of-concept for me: that I could write, produce, and direct a film from start to finish.  And from those 88-odd pages of paper to the shelves of stores, it was an incredible ride.  

I certainly could not have done it alone.  There were those who were with me from the very beginning, including my wonderful wife, who helped keep things in perspective...this is very important when making a film as it becomes your world, your reality.  All thoughts and actions revolve around the film and what needs to be done.  It becomes, I've found, very easy to lose your concept of what else is going on in the world, in life, etc.  But that's what I love about it.  The tired old Chinese saying everyone has heard is "Find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life."  It couldn't be more true.  The 20-hour days, the grueling pace, the stress...all worth it.  It never felt like work.  

And with that, I'd like to thank all those who made it possible.  My faithful crew who came back night after night to shoot.  The extras.  The people and workers at Conneaut Lake Park, University of Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh Community Television who all made it possible.  And of course, the phenomenal cast of actors, models, misfits, and friends who brought the characters to life on screen.  My favorite feedback from those who've watched the film is always which character they loved and "were sad when they died."  This is what makes slasher films so fun!  It always tells me we did the job right in honoring that golden age of horror, the 1980s.  Kudos to the actors that played the roles. 

For those that haven't heard, the film has been accepted at a number of festivals and horror conventions.  Last was the Eerie Horror Film Festival where we reunited with Doug Bradley (always a pleasure to see him).  These things have proven to be a blast and are worthwhile making films just to be part of them.  We've also signed a distribution deal with Wild Eye Releasing out of New York/New Jersey area.  These folks will get Scream Park to shelves, online stores, and television around the world and I thank them for it.  Hopefully, we wont have to wait much longer to see it there.  

Lastly, thank you very much to all our fans and followers out there.  You're the other reason the film was made.  I wanted to prove I could do it, but I also wanted to see some quality, fun product in the oceans of poor or half-baked low budget horror that Netflix and Best Buy seem so keen on stocking their shelves with.  It truly was a passion project with a mission statement.  

Keep screaming,

Cary Hill Producer/Director 


Scream Park Selected For Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

We're pleased to announce that Scream Park has been officially selected to screen at the Texas Frightmare Weekend!  The event runs May 3-5th in Dallas, Texas.  Our film will be screened along with other independent horror titles and guests include Jeffery Combs, Heather Langenkamp, Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, along with the cast of AMC's "The Walking Dead" and others. 

Scream Park holds the coveted midnight slot on the first night, Friday, May 3rd.  We will also have a table set up over the weekend for merchandise, copies of the film, and free handouts! 

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.43.33 PM 


Scream Park Pittsburgh Encore!

Our premiere went so well and the demand has been high to bring SCREAM PARK back to Pittsburgh for a second showing! On April 14th, we'll be screening the film at The Oaks theater in Oakmont, PA.  It's a great theater that supports local and independent film, as well as mainstream flicks.  Check out more about the theater here.  Tickets are currently on sale and are just $7 online preorder or $8 at the door.   You can preorder them here at Showclix.

We're also recording a special Director's Commentary that can be downloaded and listened to DURING the screening!  Download it on your iPod or iPhone and listen along in the theater (but please be courteous to those around you).  

We have no idea when or if the film will screen in Pittsburgh again, so if you missed it the first time (or just liked it so much), check out SCREAM PARK at The Oaks.




REVIEW: “Scream Park” Cuts in the Tradition of 80′s Slashers

Reviewer: Slasher

"...The deaths and effects are well done and my personal favorite is the deep fryer death. I do wish the the story had a bit more going on at the beginning, but the last half was better paced as the killers began to prey on the employees and chase after our final girl. If you like horror movies and theme parks then this is a film to check out..."


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