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Our First Film Festival Award!

Congratulations to our own Wendy Wygant for taking home the award for 'Best Lead Female Actor' in the Wilson College Horror Film Festival.  It was the festivals very first year, and Scream Park got to be part of the inaugural screenings.  




Ogre Vents Frustration on Director Cary Hill

Kevin 'ohGr' Ogilvie vents his frustration with director Cary Hill on the set of Scream Park! (NSFW: language)


Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie Officially Joins Scream Park

Skinny Puppy's Kevin "Ogre" Ogilvie has officially joined the cast of Scream Park!  (Yes, we announced his involvement back in 8/11, but he's officially signed on now!)

Ogre, whose films include REPO: The Genetic Opera, 2,001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, and the releasing Devil's Carnival (directed by Saw II's Darren Lynn Bousman), continues his trend of dark, masked roles and is playing the lead slasher in the film.

Ogre is a founding member of the 80s industrial band Skinny Puppy,which has contributed to various Hollywood films in the past.

Ogre's casting brings a second 80s icon to the retro horror film, joining Hellraiser's Doug Bradley.


Support Scream Park

Please support Scream Park with a contribution to our Kickstarter campaign for post-production funding. Perks include swag from Doug Bradley and Ogre of Skinny Puppy. Every contribution is entered in a drawing for a 16GB iPad! Share the link and help us meet our goal!

Kickstarter: Scream Park Kickstarter Campaign



Concept Trailer

We've put together a conceptual trailer for the film here.

It's been designed to capture our intended look and feel of the film, as well as showcase our dear friend Doug Bradley in his role as "Mr. Hyde."  It's also his voice playing over the footage.

We made this using the single sequence shot so far in addition to location scouting footage, stock footage, and anything else we could can our hands on.  It's not a final product per se, but it definitely gets the feel of the movie across.


Scream Park Cast Kailey Marie Harris

Kailey Marie Harris is the latest to join the cast of Scream Park.  She'll be taking on the role of Carlee, one of several employees trapped in the park after hours.

Kailey is an East Coast model and this her first foray into film.


Casting Continues: Scream Park Adds Its Latest Actress

Nicole Beattie is the latest to join the cast of Scream Park.  Her character, "Missi," will be one of several employees trapped in the park after hours.

Nicole is currently a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and her recent work includes starring in the music video for Lovebettie's "Dirty Mary."  She is also a freelance model in the Pittsburgh area.


Scream Park's Latest Addition

Steve Rudzinski joins the cast of Scream Park as the park manager, "Marty."  He'll be trapped inside with his employees after hours when the mayhem begins.

Steve is no stranger to horror films, with his latest effort being The Slasher Hunter, which he wrote and directed, as well as starred.  An independent film auteur, his other horror works include Basic Slaughter and a series of shorts made with his company "Dark Mullet Cinema."


Scream Park Adds Its Latest Victim

Scream Park has found its latest cast member in Alicia Marcucci, who has been cast as "Allison" in the 1980s-style slasher film.  Allison will be one several park employees trapped inside after hours.

Alicia has appeared in several films from Lifeline Pictures, including the recent "A Bitter Lullaby".  Her latest role was "Kelly" in Enter the Zombie 3D, a Pittsburgh-based production mixing horror and comedy.  She's also a regular participant in Pittsburgh's 48 hour film project.



Scream Park Adds Its Latest Victim: Dean Jacobs


Pittsburgh theater and film actor Dean Jacobs will fill the shoes of jock "Tony Burkett."  The character is one of several employees locked in the park after-hours.

Dean is a theater veteran, playing the on-stage role of "Charlie" in "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" and the titular role in a presentation of "Pinocchio."  His most recent foray in front of the camera was for a short zombie film "Spineview."


Wendy Wygant Will Face Killers In Scream Park!

The lovely Wendy Wygant has been cast to play the lead role of Jennifer Cornell in Scream Park.  Very much the girl next door, Jennifer is of the Nancy Thompson/Laurie Strode mold, an innocent girl forced to go face-to-mask with a pair of killers.

Wendy is a university-trained actress who recently made her cinema debut in 2010's Murder Machine!, which was recently selected to open the Late Night Horror Film Festival.   She is also a veteran of the stage, appearing in productions of Brigadoon, Clue, and Shakespeare's The Tempest.