Skinny Puppy Easter Egg Contest

Nivek Ogre and Skinny Puppy fans!

We're excited to announce our latest contest! We know there are a great many of you who are fans of Ogre's work in Skinny Puppy, ohGr and other musical projects. This contest is for you!

What To Do

Hidden somewhere in the main website's design is a visual shout-out to Skinny Puppy.  The FIRST person to find it, correctly identify it and POST THE CORRECT ANSWER on our Facebook page is the big winner!

What You'll Win

The lucky winner will receive a Scream Park poster signed by the cast, including Ogre!

In order to win, you MUST post your answer on our Facebook page! Posting anywhere else will not count as an entry.

Good luck, fans!


The Scream Park Crew

UPDATE: We have a winner! Facebook Fan Debbie S.  correctly identified the image: the Skinny Puppy logo below is scratched into the wood above the plague doctor mask in the footer of the site.

Skinny Puppy Logo








Here is what it looks like:

Skinny Puppy Logo: Scream Park