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Makeup Effects


Scream Park Makeup F/X Artist Arvin Clay Recognized By The City of Pittsburgh

Scream Park Makeup F/X director Arvin Clay was recognized today by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in a write up.  Arvin is currently finishing up his third and final run of the city's own "Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera." In Scream Park, Arvin will get to use his full palette of F/X makeup tools.  More than just make up, Arvin will be doing mechanical effects, silicone-based appliances, and full blown on-screen physical effects.  The director of Scream Park, Cary Hill, wants all effects done in-camera, leaving behind modern CGI techniques for traditional practical ones.  

Our Own Arvin Clay In the News at Gore's Truly!

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Killer Art: Arvin Clay