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REVIEW: “Scream Park” Cuts in the Tradition of 80′s Slashers

Reviewer: Slasher

"...The deaths and effects are well done and my personal favorite is the deep fryer death. I do wish the the story had a bit more going on at the beginning, but the last half was better paced as the killers began to prey on the employees and chase after our final girl. If you like horror movies and theme parks then this is a film to check out..."


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REVIEW: Scared Stiff Reviews

Reviewer:  Scared Stiff Reviews

"..."Scream Park” is promoted as an 80s style horror movie. I saw that and said, “Sure, here we go again”. Just about every slasher-horror filmmaker says they are making a “throwback to the 70s” or “throwback to the 80s” film. I’ve seen dozens of indie films that say they are the one who will finally pull it off. It has become almost a standard pitch with people making horror films, and very few ever pull it off. Much to my surprise, and pleasantly so, the filmmakers of “Scream Park” have come as close to pulling off the elusive “throwback to the 80s” film I have seen yet! Yes, they did it, in my book. Sure, there are a few minor technical problems with the movie, and maybe a couple of novice actors, but this movie is as close to the movies from the eighties as I’ve seen yet..."

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REVIEW: (re)Search My Trash

Reviewer:  (re)Search My Trash

"...Scream Park is hardly high cinematic art, and it doesn't try to be. Instead it's a loving throw-back to 1980's slasher cinema - and as such, it can run with the best of them: This is no post-modernist reinterpretation of genre formulas, no in joke-filled homage or (worse) parody, no attempt to "update the formula" - no, it's a light-footed yet gore-soaked suspense piece..."

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REVIEW: Independent Flicks

Reviewer:  Independent Flicks

"...The camerawork and editing is good and there are some really cool and inventive imagery on display here (really would like to mention specific scenes but can´t due to spoilers). The park is a nice location, it has been used earlier so for slasher fans it is a familiar setting. The soundtrack is nice. The pacing is good with a slow build up where all the characters are introduced, if you´re familiar with the slasher genre you´ll recognize them from many other flicks. It´s quite evident that the makers are fond of the 1980s slashers and their love is showing on screen..."

Review features poster artwork by art director Rhonda Libbey and Rough Ride Creations.


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REVIEW: Hollyburgh

Reviewer:  Hollyburgh

Excerpt:  "...After the screening, Hill asked the packed crowd at the Hollywood to name their favorite kill of the film, eliciting an array of responses. The audience simply couldn’t decide on which of the part gruesome/part comical demises it preferred. The film is at once a loving tribute and a biting critique. The actors were clearly older than the characters they portrayed and the practicality of murder was often sacrificed for creativity. Like any slasher movie, these were not the most efficient killers, but it sure looks like they had fun doing it...

...Cinematography was particularly impressive for a debut film, the composition of a few shots in particular that contrast the gorgeous reflection of the bright lights of the park on the lake with the imposing figure of a homicidal madman...

...Nivek Ogre (of industrial band Skinny Puppy) made a terrific knife-/ax-/whatever-can-be-used-as-a-weapon-wielding lunatic with an accent with origins more unclear than Pittsburghese. Liz Rishel’s costumes were spot-on, as were Arvin Clay‘s bloody effects..."

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 Scream Park: Fright Land, Lake View

REVIEW: Hacked in the Head Reviews

Reviewer:  Hacked in the Head

Excerpt:  "...I found so much to enjoy in Scream Park that I am genuinely excited for fellow horror fans to see it to see what they make of it. Firstly there is the mood and atmosphere – the creepy theme park setting, particularly at night just sets the film off in the right direction. So much emphasis is made on highlighting various lit up rides and attractions that it creates an impressively eerie feeling – and that’s not just centering on the ghost house!  

Secondly the killers masks – whoa. Both of them are unsettlingly scary in their own right; you have the terrifying white plague mask with the horribly elongated nose/mouth piece and then a ragged sack with crudely cut out eye and mouth holes. Seeing these two horrors firstly pull-up, hidden by their van on the parks security monitor and subsequently seeing them creeping round the place gave me a real shudder...

...Further to these there is some fun and also some horrifying gore in Scream Park. I don’t want to give the kills away but I will say there is a great scene involving hot fat and also a brutal axing, along with your usual gory slashings and stabbings and I felt that these were done well and with practical effects to boot..."

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Nivek Ogre: Plague Mask