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Scream Park Adds Bands to Soundtrack

We're pleased to announce to addition of two more bands to the film's soundtrack.  The first is local Pittsburgh metal/thrash band Invader.  Their songs "Plow City USA" and "500.600" are used for diagetic music.  More info can be found about the band here.  Big thank you to Innervenus Music for helping us out with this.  

The other band is the newly-formed New York City group Mount Sharp.  An indie rock band who's song "Cold Hands" opens the film with it's punchy, upbeat melody.  The song plays over establishing shots of the park while still open.  The sound contrasts what eventually (and inevitably) becomes a darker, moodier film.  

These bands join the Razorblade Dolls on the film's soundtrack.  The Razorblade Dolls feature two songs, "Fucking Beautiful" and "The Wrists."  


The Razorblade Dolls Added to Scream Park Soundtrack

Razorblade Dolls

We're excited to announce that The Razorblade Dolls of Dallas, Texas will be contributing their music to the Scream Park soundtrack! Their music lends just the right touch of aggressiveness and horror to the film and we're excited to have them aboard.

Right now, it looks like the featured songs will be 'The Wrists' and 'Fucking Beautiful' (pending). One of their T-shirts will also be featured in the film, worn by a cast member.

In late 2006 The Razorblade Dolls were developed as a social network recording project originally with no intentions of becoming the five year success that it is today, having opened for acts such as Front Line Assembly, The Genitorturers, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, Atari Teenage Riot, Michael Graves, Ghoultown, Combichrist, Bozo Porno Circus, Wednesday 13, and Hanzel Und Gretyl.

The band gained attention locally early on from word of mouth about their live shows which have included mutilation with barbed wire, whips and chains, fire breathers, eating insects, and recreating scenes from horror films.

Read more about the The Razorblade Dolls at their website:

Watch videos here!