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REVIEW: “Scream Park” Cuts in the Tradition of 80′s Slashers

Reviewer: Slasher

"...The deaths and effects are well done and my personal favorite is the deep fryer death. I do wish the the story had a bit more going on at the beginning, but the last half was better paced as the killers began to prey on the employees and chase after our final girl. If you like horror movies and theme parks then this is a film to check out..."


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Scream Park Premiere: Meadville PA Oct 31, 2012

A very special thanks to all those who came out and supported us on our big night!  Scream Park premiered on Halloween night at the Movies in Meadville, just a few miles down the road from Conneaut Lake Park where most of the movie was filmed.  We had a great turn out of around 200 people -- including cast, crew, and members of the Conneaut Lake Park Board of Trustees.   The film was complimented with an all-out applause  when the credits finished. 

It was an awesome experience to finally screen the film (even at 95% completed), and was great to do so in front of the park management and Ghost Lake employees all of whom happily contributed to Scream Park.  When it was over, I happily answered questions about the making of the film, logistics, and introduced the attending cast and crew.  I'm very grateful to all those who turned out -- especially in cold, lousy weather -- to make our premiere memorable and enjoy the screening. 

Moving forward, we're spending the remainder of November to complete the film.  We're still cleaning up the footage, leveling out colors, and completing the small remainder of compositing.  As the director, I'm the biggest stickler of all for detail and want the film to be sparking for our DVD release and future screenings.  For all who contributed or pre-ordered the DVD, I want to make sure they get the best product possible. 

Lastly, more venues are interested in screening the film in the coming months.  As we book them, I'd like to put up a schedule on the website for anyone interested in attending a theatrical showing. 

Cary Hill, Producer and Director


Buy Advance Tickets to the Scream Park Screening 10/31/2012

On Halloween night at 7pm, the lights will go down in the Movies at Meadville and Scream Park will be shown for the first time to an audience.

The screening fulfills my promise to bring the film back to the area it was filmed in and give the local crowd the first glimpse.

Showing the film ties in with Conneaut Lake Park's own Ghost Lake attraction, where the park gets the Halloween treatment.   The screening brings a culmination of 18 months of work and preparation, and it's going to be a great show.

The film is currently 95% completed, with some digital clean up, color correction, and audio mixing still remaining.  The film is still very much watchable, and I look forward to being part of the crowd and seeing it come alive on a big screen.  From here it will become just a matter of finishing up that remaining 5% and doing our best to get the film out there with whatever means necessary.  Definitely some exciting things on the horizon.

Tickets: You can buy advance tickets to the screening at ShowClix.

Date/Time: 10/31/2012 at 7PM Eastern


Meadville Movies
11155 Highline Drive
Meadville, PA 16335

There are only 130 seats available, so get your tickets now!

Happy Halloween!

Cary Hill, Producer