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Scream Park Project Update #6: We're Finished!

Happy New Year all!

I'd like to open this update with the big news: the film is done! It's been a long 8 months of production and post production, with even longer pre-production but the project has come to a close.  This is not the end of Scream Park, only a new beginning.  We have our big hometown premiere scheduled for January 6th at the amazing Hollywood Theater here in Pittsburgh.  It's a big, retro picturehouse that has been recently renovated and become a haven for local and independent features.  I'm honored to have them screen the film for our local crowd and fans. 

DVDs Completed

The next big news is we're just waiting on the DVDs to come back from the duplication house and then all rewards packages will start going out.  I personally apologize for the delay in getting all of your goodies out.  The original estimated time frame was overshot by about six weeks and we needed the extra time to finish post production and master the final video.  I'm sorry everyone had to wait so long, but I appreciate all of your patience with this.  Trust me when I say this kind of stuff keeps me up at night.


The T-shirts are in from a Pittsburgh company and they're awesome!  They've very soft and the front logo is silkscreened on.  I refused to go cheap and get Hanes "Beefy-Ts" with some ironed on logo.  These shirts were a little extra but very much worth it.  I hope you all enjoy them. 

Digital Copies of Scream Park

Lastly, everyone who donated gets a digital copy of the film.  This will be in iTunes/iOS friendly format so feel free to put it on your iPad, iPhone, or AppleTV.  We'll host the file and it will be available to download ON JANUARY 6th, to coincide with our Pittsburgh premiere.  The link will be sent out to all backers on Sunday.  Enjoy, and feel free to post on our website and/or Facebook page your thoughts.  

I will send out a final announcement and thank you when the packages start leaving to find their way to your front door steps. For those of you to whom I'm sending packages overseas, please be a little extra patient with me as I'm at the mercy of customs and international shipping.

Thank you all and here's to 2013! 

Cary Hill, Producer


Scream Park Project Update #5: Merch and Screenings

Hello fans!

Thank you all for bearing with us while we wrap up Scream Park!  The footage has been color corrected and I'll be sending it over to the sound guy for a final mix/sync.  The goal is to have the final cut sent off to DVD duplication in the next 7-10 days.  From there, it's just waiting to get the disks back from the company (I'm looking into the availability of having a rush job done to get the disk out for Christmas).  When it goes off to be duplicated, we're going to make the digital copy available to all of our Kickstarter friends for immediate viewing.  

The T shirts are also on order.  The good people from our local Pittsburgh company Clockwise Tees have provided a final proof of the shirt and are silkscreening them as I write this.  I've included the submitted artwork in this update.  So we should have shirts soon.

The Ogre signed stuff is collected and ready.  The signed posters are good to go.  So it's just a wait for the DVDs to get back to me and out goes the swag!

We're also beginning to book venues for the film.  Our hometown premiere is on January 6th at the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh.  It's a great, retro theater that's perfect for an 80s styled film! We're currently also exploring options like and film festivals to reach the widest possible audience.  Our world premiere on Halloween went overwhelmingly well and we want to make Scream Park as available as possible. 

Thank you all again!

Cary Hill, Producer


Scream Park Production Update: Premiere Time!

Happy Halloween!  

It's the greatest month of the year and especially gorgeous here in Western Pennsylvania. 

We're at the end stages of Scream Park, finalizing audio mixing, foley sound F/X and putting the finishing touches on the footage.  We came out of the final cut needing some digital clean up but the footage looks great and from the few folks that have seen the rough cuts say it truly feels like an 80s horror film!  That's excellent, because that was the goal when embarking on this project!  

We have a small world premiere scheduled for Halloween night in Meadville, PA -- very close to Conneaut Amusement Park where we shot most of the film.  As part of the arrangement with the park, we promised they would get the world premiere and it's almost time!  

We're going to show the film at about 95% complete -- we'll still need some clean up and mixing on the footage afterwards.  But we expect the DVDs to press sometime mid-November to have them shipped out to all of our Kickstarter backers and folks that have pre-ordered the from this website! (Pre-order Scream Park)

We'll make an official announcement when all the Kickstarter items are ready to go and being shipped out, so you can watch your mailbox or front door step for a package from us.  


Cary Hill

Kickstarter & IndieGoGo Update

Kickstarter and IndieGoGo Update

We've begun the last big step of putting the movie together!  Principle photography has been completed and we're in the process of shooting a few pick ups.  We're currently piecing all of the footage together and the entire last third of the film is cut together.  

As we near completion of editing, we're hoping to have a new, longer trailer available soon.  We've uploaded a ton of new production and behind the scene photos to our Facebook page, website and other social media hubs (below).

Official Screenings

We're also planning some screening dates coming this October.  Conneaut Lake Park, PA -- our primary location for the film -- will hold the world premiere in early October.  We'll keep you posted on these!  We're also hoping to attend the Eerie Horror Film Festival this year and reunite with Doug Bradley at Pittsburgh's own Horror Realm Convention in September.  

After our screenings in October, we'll have our DVDs pressed and we can begin the process of sending out all perks and rewards to our gracious Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers.  Initially, only Region 1 DVDs will be available. For our international fans, we're currently looking into Region 2 DVD production. 

Thank you all again for your contributions and believing in our little project!  


The Cast and Crew of Scream Park

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We Reached Our Post-Production Kickstarter Campaign Goal!


Fans and friends of Scream Park, we're excited to announce that as of yesterday, we've met and surpassed our post-production Kickstarter campaign goal of $5000! Contributions are still rolling in and we're currently at $6766 with 13 days left in the campaign.

We'd like to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed, in particular the friends and families of the filmmakers, cast and crew whose contributions helped us surpass our goal yesterday.

The campaign funds will allow us to fully explore some post-production options and provide a level of artistry to the film that will put the whole movie right over the top!

Campaign funds will go towards:

1. Promised rewards for Kickstarter contributions

2. Full orchestral score, music production and soundtrack

3. Audio engineering, mixing, sound F/X and ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) studio sessions

4. Paying the cast

5. Marketing and promotion -- generating theatrical one-sheet posters and other promotional materials

5. Any debts incurred while shooting on location at the park

We've a great musical composer putting together a full orchestral score and we need to make sure we've got the best sound effects for each and every screen death.   We want to make sure Scream Park looks and sounds the best it possibly can.  We can also feed everybody!  Fed crew members are happy crew members. And now, we can provide all of this and more!

We also would like to thank our fans who have contributed space on their own websites to help get the word out about Scream Park and our fundraising efforts.  So, additional thanks go out to:


Thank you once again to all of our contributors, whether you've contributed funds, website real estate or social media promotion. We couldn't have done it without you all!